“I had the great fortune to have Josephine as my coach during last summer. She is just amazing, very professional, and a person of integrity. Her coaching technique is very natural, well founded in coaching theories and with a great touch of charisma! She easily develops trust and a safe environment for each session. If you decide to work with her, you will be more than satisfied…not only for her services…you have found a great friend!”

Guillermo Reina MBA CEC Principal, EC Results

“Jo is a no nonsense coach.  Her questioning is on target and gets you to think.  She takes you on a journey and motivates you to reach your goals. Thank you!  Thank you! Thank you!”

Amy, Long Island, NY

“Working with Josephine these last few months have been an eye-opening experience.  Working with a Personal Coach requires some soul-searching on your part to make it effective.  She helped me discover goals and ambitions that I had buried under the guise of just getting through my day to day life.  It’s easy to lose sight of your bigger dreams when you’re so focused on getting through the day’s responsibilities. During our weekly meetings I loved the way she could pick out the important points and help me identify the areas I needed to work on to help me reach my goals.  She always provided a re-cap of our sessions and would help me identify next steps.  I would definitely want to work with Josephine again and I highly recommend her for anyone that could use help in either determining or reaching their ultimate goals.”

Donna, NY, NY

“At first I was not sure at what a career coach can provide for me but I quickly found out the power it can provide for organizing ideas and creating a plan to approach people in the work place, overcoming personal challenges, and design methods to accomplish goals. One of my biggest challenges was to pull ideas out of my head and into a structured format and then put them to work. I have put these ideas to work and improved how I handle myself at the job. Josephine is easy to talk to which helps in unloading ideas that otherwise might just stay in your head. Josephine has helped me by giving me ideas to think about at the end of each session, this helps me to generate fresh ideas. I recommend her to anyone who her to anyone who is looking to excel in their career at what every it is!”

Dean, Washington DC

I was fortunate enough to take Josephine’s “Steps to Success” program this Spring and it was the best thing I could’ve done to prepare myself for my post grad job search. Josephine really helped me to focus in on what my strengths and abilities were and how I could tailor them into creating my own personal brand. I also really appreciated the group dynamic of the program. It made the program a comfortable and even therapeutic experience since I was speaking among my peers. I would definitely recommend “Steps to Success” to any graduating college senior.

Sheldon Bachan, NYC

Josephine and her workshop are the real deal. Coaching is truly her calling. She helps you discover desires and paths you may not even know you have. More importantly, she helps you develop concrete goals and benchmarks to help you achieve tangible results. You will leave her program confident in your abilities and the attributes you have to offer the job market and the world. Most importantly, Josephine is one of the most giving and nurturing people I know. Her positivity and encouraging attitude are exactly what anyone needs during a process of change or growth.

Cleopatra Williams, NYC

The “Steps to Success” program was great! The program helped me learn and understand my values and strengths and how to use them to market myself.  I also loved working with a small group.  It gave me the opportunity to learn how others operate in a workplace and learn how my values and strengths can work with other’s values and strengths. Understanding other people helped me understand myself more and where I fit in.  I really enjoyed the three week program and have missed the talks since we finished.

Raquel Luongo, NYC